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4 gal per case.

Witness with the first application an increase in gloss and durability. Enhance dirt and scratch resistance with regular use. Significantly extend time between scrub n re-coats and strips. Save time and labor, as well as product and money spent. Bring life back to dead floors without top scrubbing. Polymer free - won't trap dirt DIRECTIONS FOR USE Mop On Restorer: Dilute 2 oz per gal with cold water. Apply Floor Shield and allow to dry. Burnish with appropriate pad. For best result use 1500 rpm or higher. Auto Scrub: Dilute 2-3 oz per gal with cold water. Scrub with solution on heavy. Allow to dry and burnish with appropriate pad. For best result 1500 rpm or higher. Spray Buff: Dilute 1 oz per quart with cold water. Spray solution in a stream pattern and begin buffing or burnishing. Deep Scrub / Top Scrub: Dilute 4-8 oz with cold water. Apply heavily as if stripping and allow to dwell 5 minutes. Scrub with a green or blue pad and pick up. If desired buff to shine when dry or rinse and re-coat.